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How Ayora Works

Say adiós to the typical doctor visit and prescription routine.


No more searching for a clinic that accepts your insurance, then making an appointment, then waiting for the doctor, or inconvenient trips to the pharmacy. Gross.


With Ayora Wellness you'll get fast and affordable access to treatment completely online.

Everything is completed right from your phone or computer. Plus, you'll know all costs up-front.


We keep prices low and do not work with insurance companies.

Online Consultation

A 15 - 30 minute online consultation with Dr. Craven is sometimes all you need to get your prescription. Book a time that works for you using our online calendar.

Personalized Treatment or Rx

You'll receive a prescription for your personalized treatment after your online consultation.

Pick up your Rx

Get prescriptions conveniently delivered to your door from Ayora Wellness, or pick up at a local pharmacy of your choice.

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